Johnny Iseminger
 Team Sales/john.almegasports@gmail.com

Johnny is a recent addition to the Florida Panhandle, having lived his entire life in Maryland. Go Terps! Graduating from Cedarville College with a BA in teaching, he spent 10 years in that field, coaching soccer, basketball and baseball and serving as Athletic Director. Those years in athletics serve him well now as he builds relationships with coaches, athletic directors, school principals, business men and women and your everyday person as he assists them with their requests. Now in love with the area, you can find Johnny on the road representing Almega Sports, playing Legos with his 4 grandchildren who are just around the block from him and his wife Vicki, or on any Sunday morning serving as the Guest Services coach at Northstar church at the Panama City campus.​

Marie Walker, Owner
Project Manager / Team Sales
Mike and Marie have been married since 1996, but their relationship began long before that time and was built on their shared love of children – something that has always been at the “heart” of all that they do. Their passion for kids has led them to adopt “as many children as possible”, shared Marie.  Currently, they are the proud parents of three – a very, athletic boy and two "Daddy’s Girls”.  Marie "retired" from her 15 year vocation as a nurse and medical practice manager in 2012 to fullfill her dream of becoming a mother of their third child.  Marie now has joined Mike in the daily operations of Almega Sports as the Production Team Manager in the Team Sales department.  She provides just the right blend of business and marketing acumen to compliment Mike’s management of the retail store.  When Mike and Marie are not at Almega , you can find them, along with their children, on the ball field and enjoying God’s creation in this Northwest Florida region we call “paradise”.
Email me: marie@almegasports.com

Grady Moore
 Team Sales/grady@almegasports.com

Grady has lived in Panama City since 1988 and a well known figure around Bay County. He has three kids and nine grandchildren which he loves spending time with! Before joining our team here at Almega Sports in 2013, Grady worked for the City of Lynn Haven where he was a recreational specialist for 19 years. This is where Grady came to grow into so many great relationships with not only coaches and parents but players as well. In his spare time he umpires and enjoys playing a round of golf with his buddies and kids. Grady is a big Tennessee Volunteers fan so his passion for collegiate sports is a very outstanding quality of his.

Josh Hughes
 Executive Graphic Designer/josh.almegasports@gmail.com

Josh has been an artist and graphic designer since high school. Making a career as a graphic novelist creating all-ages comics he has traveled to conventions all over the United States and shared his works world wide. Having published nine books and with more on the way, Josh has a vast wealth of design experience and a capable eye for all things creative. He enjoys travel, theme parks, relaxing on the beach and drawing all kinds of fun stuff!

Mike Walker, Owner
Retail Sales Manager / Team Sales
You can’t be around Almega owner Mike Walker very long before you realize that opening Almega Sports was God’s way of giving Mike one of the “desires of his heart”.  Mike has returned glory to God by honoring Him through the name of the store: Almega, which artfully combines “alpha” and “omega” … reverencing God as the “beginning and end” of all thing.  This spiritually purposeful life began early in Mike’s career as an educator, when he quickly realized that working with at-risk youth was a calling for him, and he has worked in that service arena for many years.  Mike still enjoys working with these challenged youth in his “off” time, or giving them counsel and athletic advice when they stop by to visit him at this unique store.  Because Mike enjoys all things sports related, he has coached virtually every category – football, basketball, volleyball, as well as baseball and softball.  So, if you have sports-related questions, Mike’s probably got the answer, but if not … he’ll find it for you!  Almega Sports is all about a “team effort” in everything we do!
Email me: mike@almegasports.com


Austin Wittkopf - Retail Manager 

"Austin handles all inventory throughout the store and sees to all customers needs."

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